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Sporting Venues & Sports Clubs

For a small community, Spalding boasts many excellent sporting facilities and many active sporting clubs. The Mid North Games were the initiation of the Spalding community, and have been held since 1991.
Air Pistol Club Spalding Pistol Club, Clare Rd, Spalding

Jeff (08) 8665 4013
Kevin (08) 8845 2268

Basketball Spalding Sports Association
Contact - Darren Longbottom

Phone (08) 8845 2208
Big Bore Rifle Club 5km south of town on Clare Rd
Contact - Trevor Boulton

Phone (08) 8845 2166

Cricket Spalding Cricket Club
Contact - Tom Trengove

Phone 0407 452009
Fishing Anywhere along the Broughton River.  Permission should be sought from land owners. Enquiries at the Pub.    
Phone (08) 88452006
Football Club Oval at Government Rd, Spalding 
BSR Football Club
Contact: Darren Longbottom

Spalding Football Club Contact: Geoff Matters
Web Site

Darren (08) 8845 2208
Geoff (08) 88452 2023

Spalding Sports Association
Contact - Kevin Fitzgerald
Phone (08) 8845 2268
Lawn Bowls Bowling Green, 8 Main St, Spalding
Contact - David Bruce

Phone (08) 8845 8082
Netball Spalding Sports Association
Contact - Darren Longbottom

Phone (08) 8845 2208
Web Site

Contact - Meredith Wilsdon
Phone (08) 8845 8006
Live Range Pistol Club Spalding Pistol Club, 3km south of town on Clare Rd, Contact - Jeff Cadzow, Kevin Fitzgerald

Jeff (08) 8665 4013
Kevin (08) 8845 2268


Held annually in November
Contact - Keith Pluckrose.
Next Rodeo will be held on Saturday 28th November, 2009.

Phone 0428 452199
Swimming Pool open in summer months only, at 13 Munduney St, Spalding
Contact - Melissa Longmire

Phone (08) 8845 2012 
Table Tennis Winter Competition
Contact - Raelene Tohl

Phone (08) 8845 2105
Tennis Spalding Tennis Courts, Davies Tce, Spalding
Contact - Adam Scott

Phone (08) 8845 80
  Andrews Tennis Courts, Andrews Rd, Andrews
Contact - Margaret Bruce

Phone (08) 8845 8082
  Washpool Tennis Club, Jamestown Rd, Washpool
Contact - Chris Cootes

Phone (08) 8665 4072




Saturday 28th of November 2009
Click here to visit the Spalding Rodeo website

The Spalding Rodeo has now become an important date on the Rodeo Circuit throughout Australia. 

The history of rodeos in Spalding had its origin on June 6th 1949, when members of a local committee and other interested residents gathered at a public meeting to explore ways of funding a proposed War Memorial Building in the township of Spalding.

After deciding on a Rodeo as the principal fundraiser for the building, those at the meeting formed a Committee with Mr GR Neill as inaugural President.

The first Rodeo was held on the Spalding Oval (the site of the Rodeo this year) on 29th October, 1949. One of Australia's outback legends RM Williams, of Adelaide was asked to help the Committee organize the day.

The necessary facilities were built, including stockyards and safety fences, on the oval. Horses were bought or hired for the Event, while the Ladies War Memorial Committee provided luncheon. The Rodeo which was followed by a dance in the Spalding District Hall, proved to be a huge success, making a net profit of 270 pounds, or $540, a very handsome sum in those days!

In 1951, the Spalding Rodeo attracted 1500 adults and 490 children, with gate takings being 324 pounds, or $648 and a net profit for the day of 451 pounds ($902).

The showmen's Guild was invited to conduct sideshows at the 1954 event and these became a regular and colourful spectacle in the ensuing years.

The South Australian Buckjumping Championships were held at the Spalding Rodeo in 1956, with the first prize winner taking home 65 pounds, or $130.

In 1958, a polo match replaced the rodeo, but the event returned in 1959 and 1960. However, the Rodeo in those two years was run at an overall loss, (although the gate money was more than 478 pounds $956) in 1959.

A meeting of the organising committee, held in December 1960, decided against holding any further Rodeos, and the yards and other facilities were sold.

The proceeds, together with the Committee's credit balance were distributed among the local cricket, football, tennis, swimming and bowling clubs.

After an absence of some 41 years Rodeo's have again became a feature in Spalding with successful Rodeos held annually since 2001.

For further information go to Spalding Rodeo Website or contact:

President: Keith Pluckrose 0428 452199

or Secretary Melanie Dean at



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