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P & A L Hammat
Spalding SA 5454
Ph/Fax: (08) 86654019
Mobile: 0408654653

Baderloo Poll Merino stud was founded in January 2000 by Phil & Ann Hammat by purchasing poll ewes from North Ashrose, Moorundie Park and Willalow as well as a ram from Leachim Poll.

Our aim is to put ourselves and our clients in the top 20% of woolgrowers by providing the genetics that achieve profitability three times that, of the average wool grower as identified in the 'McLachlan report'.

We are serious about the long term profitability of wool and plan to provide a consistent, quality fibre to the textile market.

Our flock consists of large plane body sheep with a robust constitution, growing low fibre diameter, long stapled heavy fleeces, being highly fertile and with excellent mothering ability.

To achieve this we have a:

- 1st family of 500 ewes selected on SRS classing principals as promoted by and in consultation with Dr Jim Watts.
- 2nd family of 500 ewes selected on measured performance using index selection for the above traits.

We also offer a sheep classing service for any interested breeders.

For more information 
on the stud farms in 
the district follow the 
links below

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Warumbul Quarter Horse


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